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Why does the faucet contain excessive lead?

Update:2020-11-03 00:00
Abstract:Why does the faucet contain excessive lead?
Why does the faucet contain excessive lead? "The main raw material of the faucet is copper, but the cost of copper is relatively high. Therefore, in order to reduce costs, some manufacturers use inferior recycled copper, which may contain impurities, so the lead content may be high Some, and it is not ruled out that some manufacturers are shoddy.” The inspection staff of the Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said.
At present, some international brands adopt the mode of OEM production, and the quality is not easy to control. Some big brands even have the phenomenon of counterfeit goods. Especially the faucets for online shopping, it is more difficult to guarantee the quality.
To control the lead content of the faucet not to exceed the standard, first of all, the material of the product should be good, secondly, through advanced lead washing process, and thirdly, through environmentally friendly lead-free electroplating process. After these processes, the cost of a faucet will greatly increase.
The Inspection and Quarantine Bureau hereby gives the general consumers a few tips:
Try to let go of the overnight water
Since the faucet itself will accumulate a certain amount of water, it will absorb and store heavy metals over time. Generally speaking, before using the faucet the next day, drain the water that has accumulated in the faucet overnight before using it.
Look carefully before buying
When buying a faucet, you should carefully check the electroplating quality of the faucet. A good electroplating is as bright as a mirror. When you press it on the surface with your hand, the traces of handprints will disappear quickly; in addition, consumers are best to ask the sales staff for the product test report and brand The identification and after-sales service card, if the test report confirms that the product is qualified, you can use it with confidence.