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How to deal with the blockage of the shower

Update:2021-10-08 00:00
Abstract:How to deal with the blockage of the shower
Even if you buy a shower product with quality and quantity, after a long time of use, the inside may be blocked due to the influence of scale. At this time, the user needs to use an appropriate treatment method to deal with it. It can eliminate the phenomenon that the shower can not be used normally because of clogging. So how to deal with the blockage of the shower?
1. Use acupuncture
If you find that the clogging of the shower is only a small part, it is not completely blocked, but the water flow is smaller than usual. For example, if some small holes do not flow out, you can drain the water first, and then use a needle to pierce the small holes that cannot flow out. In this way, the impurities existing in the small holes can be removed, so that part of the blockage problem can be solved.
2. Soak with vinegar
If the shower head is blocked in a large area, most of the holes in the shower head are blocked. If you use a needle to pierce the impurities one by one at this time, it will be more troublesome. At this time, you can prepare some white vinegar. Pour it into a basin, then place the shower head in the basin for soaking, soak for about ten minutes, and then turn on the large water pipe, then the scale and impurities in the shower can be washed out.
3. Use rust remover
If the metal shower head is rusted due to material problems, causing blockage, you can also choose to use a rust remover at this time. Use the good permeability of the rust remover to remove the rust. After removing the rust, put more Rinse with some water.
In short, if a shower with a novel design is clogged, you can use the above methods to deal with it. However, it should be noted that strong acids should not be used when removing scale, otherwise it may cause corrosion to the surface of the shower. At the same time, do not use steel balls and other hard objects to wipe the surface of the shower. In order to keep the shower head away from clogging as much as possible, it is necessary to develop a habit of maintenance and shake the shower head every time you take a bath, and then wipe the shower outlet with a towel or soft cloth.