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What is the focus of the faucet control handle

Update:2021-07-23 00:00
Abstract:What is the focus of the faucet control handle

The main component shell of the faucet is generally made of brass material, and is processed by sand cleaning, turning, pickling and impregnation, pressure test, polishing and electroplating. Some manufacturers choose zinc alloy instead to reduce production costs. The handle, decorative nut, and the switch valve of the triple bathtub faucet are basically made of brass, zinc alloy, and ABS engineering plastics.
At present, the control handles of faucets are mainly divided into screw type, single handle, double handle, and 90° switch.
The faucet control handle is divided into single handle and double handle. The single handle is characterized by convenient control and simple structure. The double handle requires both hands to adjust the water temperature, but the style can be suitable for more occasions (such as undercounter basin faucets, massage tub faucets, etc.), and double handle faucets adjust water temperature It is smoother and more delicate than a single handle, suitable for consumers who are more sensitive to temperature. When the single-handle faucet is opened and closed, the water pressure will rise rapidly. If the copper content of the product is not high, it cannot withstand the expansion of water pressure and is easily damaged. Therefore, when the single-handle faucet is used, it should be opened and closed slowly. closure. The double-handle faucet has a large pressure resistance range, and the water pressure is slowly released, so there is no such problem. However, the double-handle faucet should not be closed too tightly, otherwise it will cause the stopcock to fall off, causing the water to be turned off and unable to stop.
The 90° switch is based on the traditional double handle, the original rubber seal is changed to a ceramic sheet seal, and the handle can be rotated 90 degrees when opening and closing. It can be adjusted on both sides of cold and hot water. Its feature is that it is easy to open. , There are more styles.
The traditional spiral steady-lift rubber-sealed faucet is still popular with some consumers due to its large water output, relatively low price, and easy maintenance.