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What kind of material is good for the faucet?

Update:2021-09-17 14:00
Abstract:What kind of material is good for the faucet?
As one of the indispensable switches in life, the faucet can control the flow of water and save water. Because the faucet is updated very quickly, from the cast iron process to the electroplating knob type faucet, to the current stainless steel single and double temperature single control faucet, the kitchen semi-automatic faucet and other styles have been updated and upgraded.
1. Stainless steel faucet The stainless steel faucet is acid-resistant, non-corrosive, and does not release harmful substances. The surface does not need to be electroplated, and the natural color of stainless steel can be revealed only by polishing.
2. All copper faucet The surface of the all-copper faucet is chrome-plated, which has high gloss, anti-wear and anti-corrosion.
3. Plastic faucet The plastic faucet has rich colors and high safety in use. It is produced and processed by ABS plastic.
4. Ceramic faucet The ceramic faucet has the advantages of no rust, no oxidation, no wear, etc., and the appearance is beautiful and generous, because the outer shell is also a ceramic product.