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How to choose the faucet?

Update:2021-08-12 00:00
Abstract:How to choose the faucet?
The faucet in the family kitchen and bathroom plays a very important role. If you need water, you can rely on it. However, according to the materials and styles, there are many types of faucets, and you need to ABS Faucet manufacturers choose them according to your actual situation when you buy them. How to choose the faucet?
1. What are the classifications of faucets
1. From the functional point of view
Multifunctional bathtub faucet
The faucet used in the bathtub has two water outlets, one adjacent to the bathtub shower, and one adjacent to the faucet under the shower for showering.
Multifunctional basin faucet
Above all kinds of basins used in toilets, the outlet water is shorter and lower, and it is mainly used for washing and cleansing.
Multifunctional kitchen faucet
It is a special product suitable for kitchen cleaning. It is usually connected by two pipes and can be used for hot and cold water. The water outlet is higher, the front of the faucet is longer, and some even have hoses, which can be twisted at multiple angles for washing.
2. Distinguish from the layout
Single handle
This type of faucet products are relatively common, usually with only a single handle. It is characterized by flexible switching, long service life, and quick and convenient temperature adjustment;
Double handle
As literally understood, it is divided into two switch handles, and the water volume and water temperature are adjusted by adjusting the switches on both sides. The wrong fallacy is that it is not too convenient to use. The advantage is that you can manually adjust it according to the water volume and water temperature requirements.
Faucet with a 90-degree opening
The characteristic is that based on the traditional double handle, it is sealed with a ceramic sheet, and the handle can be turned 90 degrees when the faucet is turned on and off.
3. Distinguish from the material
(1) Plastic faucet
Plastic faucets are rich in color, large quantities of molds are produced, and compared with other materials, they are more safe to use. Abs plastic is used for production and processing. But it is not strong and has a short lifespan.
(2) Stainless steel faucet
The stainless steel faucet does not contain lead, is resistant to acid, alkali, corrosion, and is not easy to release harmful substances. By comparison, it will not pollute the tap water source. The profile of stainless steel faucet does not need to be electroplated, only needs to be polished to show the essence of stainless steel.
(3) Ceramic faucet
Compared with other faucets, ceramic faucets have the advantages of not rusting, oxidizing, and not easy to wear. The appearance of the ceramic faucet is not elegant and elegant, because the outer shell is also a ceramic product.