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How to choose the appearance process of the faucet

Update:2022-05-07 14:58
Abstract:How to choose the appearance process of the faucet
In recent years, with the advancement of technology, faucet products are dazzling. In order to match different styles of home design, faucet colors have become richer and richer, and there are also various wonderful presentations in terms of luster, texture, and texture.
Common faucet surface treatment processes include chrome plating, PVD, paint, wire drawing, ORB, etc., each of which has its own characteristics and can bring different embellishments to our bathrooms.
The most common processing method for faucets on the market, chromium is a silver-white metal with a slight blue color. Chromium also has a strong passivation ability, and it is not easy to change in a humid environment and can maintain the surface luster for a long time. The appearance of precious metals is very decorative, so chrome-plated faucets are now more popular with customers.
PVD, or physical vapor deposition, is an advanced surface treatment technology that is widely used in the world. Under vacuum conditions, the gas or the vaporized substance is partially separated by gas discharge, and the vaporized substance or its reactant is deposited on the substrate together with the bombardment of the gas ions or the vaporized substance ions.
The rich and elegant colors of PVD, excellent resistance to harsh environments, easy cleaning, and non-fading functions make it very popular among customers.
Put primer and topcoat on the base of the faucet, and each time the paint is applied, it is sent to a dust-free constant temperature paint baking room for electric heating or far-infrared high-temperature baking to cure the paint layer. The surface of the lacquer faucet is smooth and glossy, which can present a visual texture similar to a piano, making the whole product look very layered.
The wire drawing treatment brings a metallic texture to the faucet. According to the decorative needs of the faucet, the surface can be textured under the action of external force. The wire drawing treatment is divided into stainless steel wire drawing, nickel wire drawing, etc., wire drawing, which makes the visual effect of the faucet rough. Kuang's hand feels very delicate, showing a restrained beauty.
The ORB process is on a copper or copper-plated surface, oxidized and dyed into bronze or black, and can be brushed or polished later, and finally sprayed with oil. Different from bronze, ORB is black and brown, and the corners will have a red brushed texture through brushing. Products processed by ORB will have a delicate hand, giving them a deep and deep connotation color, with a dense retro flavor.

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