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Why do faucets need chrome

Update:2022-05-13 00:00
Abstract:Why do faucets need chrome
If you frequent the plumbing market, you will find that most of the faucets are glossy chrome faucets, and you can even see yourself as clearly as a mirror. That's because these faucets are all chrome, so why?
Chromium is a kind of silver-white metal with microstrip blue. The chrome plating layer has high hardness. According to the composition of the plating solution and process conditions, its hardness can vary within a wide range of 400-1200HV.
At the same time, the chrome-plated layer has good heat resistance. When heated below 500 °C, its gloss and hardness have no obvious change. The friction coefficient of the chrome-plated layer is small, especially the dry friction coefficient, which is low among all metals. So the chrome layer has good wear resistance.
Similarly, the chrome-plated layer has good chemical stability and does not act in alkalis, sulfides, nitric acids, and most acids, and because chrome does not change color, it can maintain its reflective ability for a long time when used, which is better than silver and silver. nickel.
At the same time, there is another important reason for faucet chrome plating. Because the faucet needs to withstand the erosion of water for a long time, and the main material of the faucet, whether it is iron or copper, is easy to rust when exposed to air and water for a long time, it needs to be plated with a layer of metal that is not easy to rust for protection. With good chemical stability, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance, chromium is the metal of choice.
After completing their own job of maintaining stability and preventing rust, the faucet designer discovered that the shape provided by chrome plating can also add luster to this humble bathroom accessory. Today, chrome plating has become an indispensable part of all facets. It is precise with the development of chrome plating technology that the appearance of the faucet has been sublimated and has become the shining pearl in the bathroom.

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