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What causes the faucet to make a screeching noise

Update:2022-05-20 10:17
Abstract:What causes the faucet to make a screeching noise
The possible reasons for the harsh sound of the faucet: Generally, the water from the faucet is not smooth, and a shock wave is generated. The frequency of the shock wave is the same as the resonance frequency of the pipe, causing the pipe to resonate and make a sound.
1. The lack of water pressure in the faucet pipe causes the sound of the announcement when the water in the water pipe flows back down.
2. Another possible reason is that the air in the water pipe is not exhausted, and the air in it expands and compresses the sound. The flow rate of the water is too high and the air is mixed in. Try to reduce the flow rate of the water, change the diameter of the pipe, and try to open the valve to the maximum.
3. We can check whether the noise of the faucet is caused by the wrong side of the faucet gasket, or if the gasket is not tightly attached to the faucet valve core. If this is the case, replacing the gasket with a new one or sticking it tightly will eliminate the noise.
4. There may also be a problem with the valve core. Remove the faucet cap and tighten the valve core. After removing the valve core together, apply some Vaseline oil to both sets of threads.
5. If there is still noise, then the reason is that the thread of the faucet body is worn out, then at this time, it can only be replaced with a brand new faucet.

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