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How to choose the shower, you can choose from three ways

Update:2021-08-25 16:23
Abstract:How to choose the shower, you can choose from three ways
Everyone is familiar with the shower, and it is also an indispensable appliance in people's daily life. Choosing a good shower in the shower room can greatly improve the comfort of the shower room. So the choice of shower is extremely important. So how do we choose the shower?
One, see the type of water
The type of shower water outlet directly affects our comfort. At present, there are four common water outlet types on the market: spray type, shower type, splash type, and water flow type. How do we choose? In fact, bathroom shower slide bar most households use a shower type, sprayed through the water outlet, the water pressure is relatively small, and the water flow is relatively mild. But if you want to feel the massage in the bath, you can try the jet shower. The water pressure is large and the flow rate is fast, which can have a good massage effect. Sprinkling showers are just like the literal meaning. People standing under the shower can be showered by splashing water. Because it is too wasteful of water, few people would choose this one. The water flow type shower head is extremely slow, and it is smaller than the shower type shower head. Just like the rain, the advantage is that it saves water. You must choose the shower head according to your own needs.
Second, look at the shower material
The material aspect also needs to be carefully considered, because the material of the shower directly affects the service life of the shower, so we must choose high-quality materials when choosing the shower. The high-quality shower head has good environmental performance and is not easy to cause harm to the human body. Hot water comes from the shower during the shower. If the material of the shower is poor, it may be dissolved by the hot water and directly penetrate into our human body and affect our health.
At present, the shower heads on the market are mainly made of ABS plastic showers, and most of them are stainless steel showers and copper showers. The first is the ABS plastic shower, which has many styles and different stalls, so it is loved by many people, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to block. The stainless steel shower has a large water outlet area, and it can be used for a long time even if it is blocked. The disadvantage is that if you buy inferior stainless steel, it is easy to rust, so you must pay attention to the distinction when choosing a stainless steel shower. The copper shower head is not compatible with the style of most people decorating the bathroom nowadays, so few people choose it, and the water outlet function is single, and the style and color are also single.
Three, look at the shower accessories
In terms of shower accessories, in fact, it is mainly to see whether the shower accessories are complete and flexible, otherwise it will directly affect the comfort of our future use, which is as important as the plating and the valve core. Before we choose to buy, we can check the flexibility of the lifting rod and the water pipe, to see if there is an anti-twist ball bearing at the connection of the shower head, and whether there is a rotation controller and valve installed on the lifting rod. The hardness and material of the core, in general, high-quality valve cores are made of ceramics with good hardness.