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How to replace shower hose fittings

Update:2022-04-08 00:00
Abstract:How to replace shower hose fittings
How to replace shower hose fittings?
One end of the hose is connected to the nozzle, and the other end is connected to the water pipe of the water heater; the end of the water pipe has a hexagonal inner wire fastener, which can be removed or tightened with a wrench. There is no hexagonal fastening nut on the side of the spray head, but there is a round nut fastener, and the hose can be removed by simply turning the round nut. Screw on the shower hose and the general shower hose can be easily disassembled and installed in this way.
It is relatively easy to disassemble and install the shower hose. If the home is an old-fashioned shower hose and nozzle, it may be troublesome. The interface of the shower hose to the water heater may be covered by a cover, and the cover needs to be removed. Come down, then unscrew the hose, and then replace the shower hose with a new one, depending on the shower hose interface of the water heater.
What are the causes of leaking shower hoses?
If the reason for the leakage of the shower hose is due to improper installation, deformation of the rubber ring, uneven or too thin outlet pipe joints, mismatch between the hose and the shower, etc., you should select the appropriate hose and shower according to the specifications, and replace the rubber If the hose is broken, it will also cause water leakage, so just replace it with a new hose.
How to choose the right shower hose?
Common materials for shower hoses are metal hoses, braided pipes, and PVC reinforced pipes. Different materials have their advantages and disadvantages, there is no absolute good or bad. When you buy it in a hardware store, you can compare several materials. The key is to compare the surface flatness, uniform gap, smooth hand feeling, natural unfolding, firm structure, and strong damage resistance. In addition, the size of the shower hose should be consistent with the shower, and the general dimensions are 14mm, 16mm, 17mm, and 18mm in outer diameter. You can take the old hose to buy a new one for comparison.

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