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What are the precautions for the installation of delay faucets

Update:2022-04-02 09:45
Abstract:What are the precautions for the installation of delay faucets
There are many types of time delay faucets, mechanical and infrared, with the characteristics of time delay, automatic closing, sanitation, no hydraulic restriction, water-saving affect up to 50%, etc., and are widely used in many places. The following briefly introduces the types and installation precautions of time-delayed water-saving faucets.
Types of Delay Faucets
At present, there are two common delay faucets: mechanical press type and infrared type. The mechanical push-type delay faucet automatically discharges water within a period of time after pressing the water outlet button, and then automatically closes the water outlet. If you want to keep using water, you have to press it again.
The infrared delay faucet does not require any operation. When the hand is not in front of the infrared detector under the water outlet, the faucet will automatically discharge water. The common downside to both is that they don't really delay, more like a timed faucet, which often leads to embarrassment because the water has stopped before the hands are washed.
Delay Faucet Installation Considerations
1. Before installing the delay faucet, the debris in the pipeline must be carefully cleaned.
2. If the cold water outlet function of the faucet is delayed, the connection of the cold water and hot water pipes must be accurate.
3. If it is found that the water output is small during use, it means that there is debris on the foam head of the faucet, which can be cleaned up before installation.
4. The working water pressure of ordinary faucets is in the range of 0.5-5 kg/cm, and the water pressure of faucets buried in the wall is 1.5 kg/cm.
Application of time delay faucet
The delay faucet is suitable for home use, and also suitable for public places such as hotels, restaurants, stations, hospitals, student apartments, and so on.

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