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Is the pressurized shower head easy to use

Update:2021-12-10 14:58
Abstract:Is the pressurized shower head easy to use
In order to satisfy people's bathing life, multifunctional shower nozzles are widely used in people's daily life to provide people with a better life. Today, the editor of Oupai will introduce the principle of pressurized shower nozzles. As the name suggests, pressurized shower nozzles are shower pressurized showers that increase the water pressure.
What is a pressurized shower head?
A pressurized showerhead refers to a shower with increased water pressure. Compared with ordinary showers, it mainly adjusts the technology of water flow control. In fact, no matter which brand of pressurized shower head, the principle of pressurized shower head is the same, but the technology is different.
Principle of pressurized shower nozzle:
An energy-saving and pressurized water inlet device is installed at the bottom of the booster shower head, which is connected to the venturi hole of the shower handle. When water enters the shower, the outside air pressure forces the water flow to speed up and the water flows out. Thereby increasing the water output speed by about 30%. When the water flow continues to pass, the air is continuously sucked in from the venturi hole. The water flow is rich in negative oxygen ions, and there will be a sound of water flow and air hitting each other when inflating. When the water column is ejected from the water outlet sheet, oxygen ion bubbles occupy the internal space of the water column, and the flow rate of the outlet water is reduced by about 50% compared with the original, which has the effect of automatic water saving. When the water jet hits the skin surface of the body, the oxygen ions will automatically burst to increase the shower coverage, play aerobic massage, and promote blood circulation.
Is the pressurized shower head easy to use?
From the perspective of the principle of pressurized shower nozzles, the pressurized shower nozzle increases the water pressure of the shower water by changing the water area but does not really solve the problem of insufficient water pressure in the home. For households with stable water pressure, it is more practical for a pressurized shower nozzle to ignite the heater and keep it working. If the water pressure is insufficient and unstable, the pressurized shower nozzle is not suitable. It is not easy to achieve a very supercharged effect, but it is enough for showering.