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What are the common installation methods of shower faucet

Update:2021-12-24 00:00
Abstract:What are the common installation methods of shower faucet
Whether it is painful to take a bath or not depends on whether the water from the shower is not strong enough, and whether the temperature and water pressure are balanced.
When traveling, I found that the bathroom design of some high-end hotels and boutique guesthouses is particularly simple and elegant. In fact, the style of the shower also plays a decisive factor. Where is the mystery?
First of all, let everyone know about the composition of the shower system.
Common shower style
1. Handheld
Returning to the simple function of shower Z, the infrequent parts are removed, and the hand shower is a common style in many families.
There are many styles of ordinary hand-held showers, and the size of the nozzles is also different.
2. Top spray
There are many styles of top-spray showers, with round, square and oval shapes. However, the size of the shower head must not be too small, otherwise it will not reach the entire body, and the experience will be greatly reduced. The Z-good size is the same as the shoulder width.
The arrangement design of the multi-layer surrounding spout is the basic guarantee for the large top spray. At the same time, it forms two layers to experience completely different water impacts. The comfort, imagine for yourself!
3. Side spray
Side spray shower is relatively rare in home use, because it is generally used to match some complicated shower systems. The shower is fixed on the wall and sprays water on the side. The angle can be adjusted and the whole body can be washed and massaged.
PS: Nowadays, many families choose to install the hand-held + overhead shower when installing the shower, which can meet different shower needs.
There are still many showers with water. If you are not taking a bath, it is more convenient to receive water in a bucket. For example, you can drain water from the drain, and often install it in conjunction with a mop pool or bathtub.
Shower installation method
There are two ways to install common shower faucets:
1. Wall-mounted shower
In some cases, both the inlet pipe and the main body of the mixing valve are exposed, which is suitable for the situation where the water pipe runs through the open pipe. Nowadays, most ordinary households have embedded water pipes in the wall, and the main body of the mixing valve is exposed, which makes it more beautiful. Generally, this type of shower is a combination of handheld + top spray + drain part.
Since the water control body and the water supply hose are exposed outside the wall, the appearance will be affected by water stains over time, and bumps will easily occur, and the shower body and shower column will also occupy part of the bathroom space.
2. In-wall concealed shower (beautiful atmosphere)
The water pipe and the mixing valve are pre-buried in the wall, only the nozzle and switch are exposed. This kind of installation is very common at the spot, and the appearance is super high.
Concealed shower faucets are also appearing more and more in various cases. The proportion of concealed shower faucets used in residential buildings in Europe and the United States, including rental houses, is more than 80%.
After the installation is completed, only the control panel and overhead shower are left on the wall, and there are no extras on the wall, which can beautify the wall and expand the practical space.

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