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What are the principles of choosing a kitchen faucet

Update:2021-11-23 00:00
Abstract:What are the principles of choosing a kitchen faucet
In daily life, the position of the faucet in the kitchen is very important: no matter the food cleaning before a meal, or the cleaning and tidying of the pots and pans after a meal, the help of the faucet and sink is inseparable. Especially for the kitchen faucet, choosing a good choice saves worry and money!
Water saving
The effluent flow rate is maintained at 8.3 liters per minute, which can achieve the purpose of water saving. In addition, some faucets have a honeycomb-shaped flow restrictor, which not only allows the water to flow out in a foamy manner, restricts the flow rate, but also allows the user to feel the water flow softer and at the same time feel full of water power.
Whether the faucet is durable or not, the surface treatment process is very important. A good faucet has withstood the acidic high temperature test and is intact for more than 4 hours. In addition, due to the reasonable internal structure, a good faucet is not prone to dripping and damage. Can be manipulated freely.
There is a pull-out kitchen faucet on the market. It has two methods: column-shaped water outlet and spray water outlet. It can be easily changed by pressing the button on the top of the shower. It is clean and convenient. There is also a 1.5-meter-long stainless steel hose that can be pulled out. Reach the place where it is needed.
Easy to clean
The kitchen has a large amount of oil fume. The surface of the faucet is easy to lose its luster after repeated cleaning, and the coating may change color and fall off. There is a kitchen faucet on the market that adopts the PVD technology of Aerospace Technology, which can withstand steel wool and various cleaning agents. Brushing, non-fading and wear-resistant. If the kitchen fume is large: try to choose a faucet with a simple structure and no dead corners, and choose a kitchen faucet with excellent electroplating. In addition, use the correct way to clean the faucet. Or you can choose a high-quality stainless steel faucet.
Environmental friendly
The lead content in water is mainly caused by the washing of waterways by water bodies. After the realization of direct household drinking water in the United States, strict "lead content requirements" were put forward for water quality, plumbing, and faucets. For example, the American Delta faucet, whose waterway pipe is made of refined copper, uses a low-temperature welding process between the water inlet pipe and the faucet body, uses special welding materials, and does not contain pollutants.