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How to install the shower bracket

Update:2021-11-15 10:55
Abstract:How to install the shower bracket
When we choose a beautiful and practical shower for the bathroom, we must not forget to choose a good shower bracket. The shower and the bracket are "a pair". We can't enjoy comfort without any of them. The shower effect. So how to install the shower bracket?
There are generally three types of shower brackets, as follows:
1. Overhead shower bracket: The overhead shower is commonly known as a large shower. The bracket is installed in the wall type and does not have the lifting function. However, the water outlet angle of the shower can be adjusted, and the upper and lower flexible angles are more flexible;
2. Lifting shower bracket: usually also a large shower, with a lifting function, the height of the shower can be adjusted according to the height of the user;
3. Hand shower bracket: Hand shower is commonly used, its bracket only has the function of fixing the shower, commonly known as the base.
Generally speaking, the installation of the shower bracket can be divided into two aspects, one is the installation environment of the shower bracket, and the other is the installation steps. Let's take a look together:
1. The outlet joint of the shower hot and cold water pipe is a 1/2 inch universal diameter, preferably an R1/2 taper threaded joint, the left is hot water, and the right is cold water; the center distance of the joint is about 15cm, and the joint is above the ground The height is recommended to be 60cm.
2. The general bathroom is equipped with a large shower and a small shower. It is recommended to install two shower brackets with a height of 1.2m from the ground and the other 1.8m; put the decorative cup into the thread of the shower bracket and wrap it around After the raw material is taped, screw the left and right shower brackets into the hot and cold water pipe joints; adjust the distance between the front ends of the left and right shower brackets to 9cm, put the water stop gasket into the water inlet hole behind the faucet body, and then install the shower faucet to On the shower bracket; install the shower pipe and shower head.