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Which is better, big shower or small shower

Update:2021-11-09 00:00
Abstract:Which is better, big shower or small shower
The living standards of modern people have greatly improved, and everyone has more stringent requirements for bathroom decoration. The choice of a small shower is also exquisite, and it is troublesome whether the big shower or the small shower is better.
Which is better, big shower or small shower
Advantages and disadvantages of large shower
Advantages: The large shower has a richer shape and a larger size, which can meet the aesthetics of modern people; secondly, the large shower has many water outlets, large water output and strong impact, which can ensure the comfort of the shower; The third is that the large shower has a self-cleaning function, which can clean up dirt by itself and should not block the water outlet; the fourth is that the impact strength of the large shower can massage the body and relieve human fatigue.
Disadvantages: Large showers have much higher water pressure requirements. If the water pressure of the water pipes at home cannot meet the requirements of large showers, you may not be able to enjoy the shower effect brought by large showers.
Advantages and disadvantages of small shower
Advantages: The small shower has fewer water outlet holes, and the water outlet can be adjusted through different water outlets, which saves 50% of water compared with ordinary showers;
The installation of the small shower is relatively simple, and the process is relatively small; secondly, the small shower is not fixed, it is convenient to take, and the direction can be adjusted freely. In addition, the small shower does not have that high water pressure requirement, so there is no need to worry too much about the embarrassment of water cut due to water pressure when showering.
Disadvantages: Compared with larger shower heads, small shower heads can not play a very good massage effect, and the shower effect will be worse.
Which is better, large shower or small shower? Whether it is a large shower or a small shower, its practicability is quite high. If you are confused about which one to choose, you may wish to choose both types of showers, so you don't have to worry about it. In today's fast-paced life, people are exhausted physically and mentally after a day of work. Showering is a good way to relieve stress, and you can enjoy the effects of showering.